I have always been enamored and inspired by the fashion industry. From the time that I was a little girl, I was fascinated by the glitz, the glamour, the overall beauty, and the pristine aesthetics that the industry exudes. Most importantly, I admire the creative force that is behind the beast.  The true beauty and magic of fashion is in the talent and soulful skill set of the Designers, Photographers, Stylists, Hair and Makeup Artists, Illustrators, Writers, and Models that bring an overall vision and story to life. It's a supernatural force when the creative connections collide and work congruently together - that is what I find to be so beautiful and inspiring!  To say that it takes a village is an understatement. Every person involved in this project has a beautiful story that is driven by passion, creativity, and raw talent.  This platform, STYLESTUDIOLIVE+, is a collaboration of the energy of the people around me and that inspire me everyday- My support network and my creative outlet.



*After 10+ years of working for luxury fashion design houses, I made the decision to exit my position as VIP Fashion Stylist at Carolina Herrera in September 2014 to launch my vision and create a platform that showcases the talent, scouts the talent, offers the skills of the talent, and most importantly speaks about the talent and that is STYLESTUDIOLIVE.COM


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