ANNE HUNTER. Story Curator

I've always loved clothes, but I fell in love with fashion when I moved to Prince and Mercer in Soho. Every morning, before beginning to write, I would sip a cappuccino on the stoop at Fanelli Cafe and watch the fashionistas strutting in style to their design studios and stores. They came alive in my mind as paintings. I imagined them to be performance artists who curated the fabrics and accessories that draped their figures as fine art. Through that epiphany, I found fashion to be an art form. I began to revere its designers as artists and visualized the human form as their canvas. With a new appreciation for the fashion industry, I began to scout those designers and stylists who shared my passion for fashion as an artistic endeavor. That inspiration led me here, to Allyson Longshore and STYLESTUDIOLIVE, where creativity is curated and fashion is fine art.




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