photo credit: Gigi Stoll

 photo credit: Gigi Stoll

ARANKA ISRANI. Photographer

I am intrigued by the capture, preservation and examination of moments between moments. My work is deeply grounded in the reflective process of meditation and representations of energy in transition from one expression of emotion to another. I seek to bring to the physical eye the segues that occur with such rapidity that they most often remain unacknowledged if not hunted and confronted. It is my belief that it is these veiled experiences that are often our most profound. 

My course in life has been greatly influenced by experiences of diversity and daulity and the very earthly requirements  of having to exist within them.  Through geographic relocation, cultural disparities, ethnic and gender divergence, religious incongruities, philosoophical extremes, and intellectual and spiritual aspiration, i've grappled with paradox and celebrated growth.

My experiences have cultivated a need to search for the truths and consistencies within perceived disunion, most pointedly those that flow between masculine and feminine.  My work has revealed to me that empty space, ending time and lack of matter do not exist.