Kate Moss, model, we know and adore. But Kate Moss, interior designer? This month, Mrs. Hince unveils her collab with design firm YOO: The Barnhouse, a five-bedroom country home in The Cotswolds, a rural area of south central England. And she’s got quite the eye for style when it comes to interiors. The home—which boasts floor-to-ceiling windows and a swimming pool, and sits on a 650-acre woodland estate—features her selection of pop art pieces, vintage-mod hybrids like a mirrored four-poster bed, and chic comforts like a wood burning centerpiece and black and white striped wallpaper.

“John [Hitchcox – the chairman of design company YOO] and I became friends through our love for the English countryside—and the pub!” said Moss. “When he told me about The Barnhouse in the middle of the silver birch wood I was intrigued and then excited to become part of the design team. We have created a luxurious haven in the woods, a perfect place to escape with family and friends.”

The Barnhouse is inspired by a traditional English novel and old country home, according to a press release by YOO, and the design co. credits Moss with creating “displaced glamour within the woods.” David Haddock, a craftsman who has worked with Moss for her own London home, created bespoke furnishings for the new property, including a custom built dining table with benches, a four-poster stainless steel box bed, and a TV cabinet with a silver thunderbolt, a tribute to, yes, David Bowie. More old school rock touches pop up throughout the home, á la artwork by Allen Jones, Chris Levine, Damien Hirst, Mit Senoj and Kate’s own collaborations with Jake and Dinos Chapman and Chris Allen.

In true Kate fashion, she has created a fun, modern, to-die-for, retro-glam take on what would otherwise simply be a “traditional” English home.