Upon recently running across the works of self taught Australian artist Mitch Gobel, I was seriously blown away.  Not only by his overall raw talent but also the passion and humility behind his craft and love for the ocean and wildlife. Throw in personal authentic style that he effortlessly exudes and a swimwear line featuring his art launching on November 1st and we are in 100%!!! 

Around 2014, Mitch woke up and realized he wasn't living the true soulful life that he was destined to live. He knew that his art was not only an escape but also a chance to do something positive and make an impact with his talent.  Mitch immediately quit his job and pursued the two aspects of his life that he was most passionate about; creating art and wildlife conservation.  He is now the founding Director of MGRA Wildlife and Habitat Conservation, which is a non profit funded entirely by his art.  

In a single year Mitch has made his mark creatively, spiritually, and artistically and he is just getting started. To also take this full package of a human up another notch; November 1st he is launching a line of 100% sustainable Australian made swimwear featuring his art with 10% of all profits going towards MGRA Wildlife and Habitat Conservation. We are beyond psyched to get our hands on his collection just in time for resort season and to support the cause!!!

By. Allyson Longshore VIA. Stylestudiolive

Follow Mitch here @mitchgobel_resinart