By. Allyson Longshore

The Simplicity Edit is one of my all time favorites and one that I am proud to say I have mastered though personal experience. Considering the amount of time that I spend traveling and packing suitcases this has become my personal daily practice and a true life saver.  Consider this the remedy for the infamous "I have nothing to wear" syndrome.  We are all guilty of it.  A curated capsule collection is the first step to building a timeless and forever wardrobe centered around lux classics.  Before you splurge on that embroidered and embellished Valentino leather trench coat this season please ask yourself.. 


Here are my 4 ground rules for a fully functional capsule wardrobe!

1. Quality Over Quantity:

When building the base for a fully functional wardrobe it is important to focus on purchasing items that you NEED and only quality items.

2. Purposeful Choices:

The concept of a capsule wardrobe is to only include quality items that will work together in multiple ways, creating multiple different looks with basic luxury essentials.

3. Color Edit:

Choose items that have a neutral color palette; black, white, ivory, grey, and nude.  No prints or hyper embellishment.  

4. Keep your eye on the prize:

Staying focused on building your base wardrobe is crucial. All fashion investments must be made towards completing your capsule. 

Lets start with the STYLESTUDIOLIVE CAPSULE master list;

1. Lux cashmere sweaters;  Black. Ivory. In various neck styles. V-neck. Crew. Turtleneck. 

2. Current season denim options.  Dark wash. Black. Distressed. Narrow leg. Wide leg. Skinny leg. 

3. A crisp white button down.

4. Leather pants

5. Black pencil skirt

6. Denim Jacket

7. Basic lux cotton T's. Black. White. Neutrals.

8. Motorcycle Jacket. Black

9. Finely tailored black blazer

10. Denim button down

11. Black leggings. Leather. Wool.

12. Classic transitional Day/Night LBD. *Thats short for Little Black Dress

13. Functional down outerwear jacket

14. Black cashmere coat

15. Fine cashmere scarf

16. Black ankle boot

17. Black knee boot

18. Black pump with current heel height and shape

19. Silk camisoles. Black. Ivory.

20. Black and nude leather clutch

21. Black shopper/tote

22. Nude handbag