SUSAN PFAUTSCH.   Yogini & Photographer

Beauty begins on the inside. I believe the most important thing in this world is love, and it begins with loving yourself. Once you find love inside, you exude love. You begin to see beauty in everything.  And when you feel beautiful, so do the people around you. It’s a beautiful thing! 
Being born and raised in NYC I have always been enthralled by the diversity of people. What interested me most were the different styles of clothing people wear, and the unique homes of people I’ve encountered. New York is not as much a “melting pot” as it is a “mixing bowl”, because even though we all live together, we are all still very unique. I’ve always, and still do, want to discover more about people and their personal style, both in life and in clothing! There is an interesting story behind everyone, and even behind every interesting outfit! 
Enwrapped in the high energy of the city, I feel so blessed to have discovered yoga - the blueprint of life. Being able to find stillness in chaos and oneness with the world is truly amazing.  It is wonderful to be able to share a practice that allows one to dig deeper and become more aware of oneself. Yoga opens the gate to discovering one’s true inner beauty, and to be able to express that beauty. Yoga has also taught me that nothing matters but this moment, right now. In those moments, I found myself taking snapshots in my mind of people I see, or places I’ve been. I finally picked up a camera and began capturing those moments in time, which I believe is the beauty and essence of photography. Yoga is movement, meditation is stillness – photography is both.